Nature Pods is a small company based in Bali, Indonesia focused on helping local and independent Indonesian farmers stay relevant in the current market. We do so by providing domestically sourced vanilla beans that are rich in flavor, boldly fragrant and captivating to all. As one of Indonesia’s most precious spices it is grown across the archipelago and sourcing it often requires trips to roads that are often untraveled, making it difficult for the average vanilla farmer to bring their crops to market. It is here that Nature Pods comes in to help, we gather the vanilla beans from selected farmers and help them get their products to the right hands. Your hands!

Our Products


Vanilla Infused Honey

Left to instill a strong kick to your honey. We add our vanilla a month before sale to ensure a smooth flavour.


Vanilla Powder

A product no baker or chef is unfamiliar with, and for good reason. We have created our product with chefs in mind.


Vanilla Beans

Vanilla in is purest form, when creating any tasting dish, sweets or deserts you should opt for nothing but gourmet quality beans!

A Partnership Build On Trust

We believe that the best road to success comes from top-notch communication, excellence in service and an open mind towards solutions. This is how we have come to build reliable and sustainable relationships with our clients and partners alike. Nature Pods maintains a strict quality control process that allows us to always deliver our products in accordance to your expectations. We know that this is a sense of comfort in transactions that has earned us the trust of our clients, and we strive to earn yours too!

Why Us?

  1. Nature Pods is a business that focuses on transaction convenience and customer satisfaction. We provide professional contracts to create a sense of security and comfort in every transaction. 
  2. We accept various types of secure payment methods ranging from Gopay, Paypal & Transferwise.
  3. Nature pods works with trusted shipping companies and always provides the required documents and certificates according to the destination of delivery. We also offer free and onsite delivery for purchases within the Bali region. Security and delivery accuracy is our priority.
  4. Small MOQ At Nature Pods everyone can have quality vanilla beans without having to worry about quantity. Domestic purchases start from 10gram and overseas purchases start from 1kg.
  5. Always available. Our stock is always available to order. We always can meet the quantity for larger orders and we are available to supply your business on a regular base.

Our Partners

Nature Pods is currently supplying to businesses in all shapes and sizes, working towards their individual needs. From cafes and bakeries to restaurants and hotels we even provide gourmet quality beans to home chefs, at market prices. We are supported by experts in every aspect of vanilla, from planting and curing all the way to baking. Through help of reliable shipping agents we can also ensure a smooth delivery from Bali, straight to your doorstep.

About Our Vanilla

Market Price

As vanilla is a fluctuating market, so too are our prices, we update our prices regularly to fit the current market prices. Prices are therefore subject to change with the exception of standing orders. To get the exact prices relevant to your order, we recommend you to reach out directly with your quantity.

Vanilla Types

Nature Pods offers 2 choices of vanilla types: Planifolia & Tahiti. We have divided each type of vanilla into the following classes:

Vanilla Types

Flip Me


-Moisture 25% -30% -Length 16cm-20cm -No split -Vanilin content from 1.5% -Food grade vacuum pack packaging.

Flip Me

Fine Grade

-Moisture 20% -30%  -Length 12cm-15cm -No split -Vanilin content from 1.2% -Food grade vacuum pack packaging.

Flip Me

Extract Grade

 -Moisture 10% -15% -Various length - Vanilin content below 1.2% -Food grade vacuum pack packaging.

Only The Finest Beans

The vanilla that we sell goes through a strict selection process from harvesting to curing to packing. From extract grade to gourmet, we handpick each and every bean that has made it through our own quality checks. We ensure that the vanilla that we aquire comes from vanilla that is ripened to perfection and a precise and stabile curing process to ensure the best possible quality. We monitor the packaging and storage process so that our vanilla can have maintain a long shelf life. Our vanilla is vacuum sealed to keep them well preserved for food processing.

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